Won Kyung Jeong, a patent attorney, was appointed as a member of the review of the first patent attorney test (Industrial Property Act).

  • Date : 2022.04.19 00:35
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This is an interview with Won Kyung Jeong, a patent attorney of THEWAVE, 

was appointed as a member of the review of the first patent attorney test

(Industrial Property Act).


Q. How were you appointed?

WellLuckily, I got a good score on the first test for the patent attorney last year in 2021, so I think I was appointed as a reviewer for the National Professional Qualification Examination this year.


Q. Tell us a little bit about your experience as a test reviewer?

First of all, it was a great honor to be appointed to the proposal.

I am the person who passed the patent attorney test already, and I also had a great sense of responsibility because I knew that the exam was so difficult and required lots of studying.

I felt a kind of responsibility because I thought it was a big test for prospective patent attorneys who would work with me in the future.


I was in charge of the part of the Industrial Property Act and reviewed the Patent Law, Trademark Law, and Design Protection Law. 

As I reviewed it, I realized that it was difficult to prepare the questions for the exam, and also many people are working hard to prepare it without any errors.


It was a really good experience for me, and I hope that the efforts of those who took the exam would not be in vain.

Also, this experience seems to have given me the driving force to focus more on my work as a patent attorney.

Lastly, I just wanna say thanks, I am really grateful for THEWAVE for willingly understanding even though I had to be away for a long time to work as a reviewer.



Q. Please tell us something about yourself and your plans for the future as a patent attorney?

AT THEWAVE, I focus on domestic and overseas patent rights for autonomous driving, BM, UI/UX, etc...

I'm not going to limit my work field to expanding rights, and focus on learning a lot of practical experience for at least the next two to three years to become the best patent attorney.

And then, I want to build up a startup's IP portfolio and help those firms grow.

I think one of the greatest rewards that a patent attorney can feel is to help clients' technologies be recognized as IP rights and become competitive as well.