Domestic & Foreign Applications of Intellectual Property Rights

A shortcut to derive the best results for a foreign application is to establish patent strategies based on understanding of technologies through a patent law firm with expert patent attorneys having abundant experience in dealing with foreign applications.

THE WAVE IP Law Firm is based in Seoul, South Korea, and includes patent attorneys having vast experience in handling foreign applications. The attorneys of the WAVE have an excellent understanding of the domestic requirements of Korean corporations as well as communication skills.

Attorneys of THE WAVE IP Law Firm handled highly strategic cases while working as heads of departments and partner attorneys in a large IP law firm. Also, partner agents of THE WAVE IP Law Firm encompass agents not only in the United States, Japan, China, and Europe, but also in Southeast Asia, such as India, the Philippines, and Malaysia, as well as Russia, Eurasian nations, South America including Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, and other countries like South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Based on the expertise of these partner agents, THE WAVE IP Law Firm provides patent application and registration services for all nations in the world where Korean companies want to expand for business.


Counteracting Domestic and Foreign IP Rights Disputes

In the matter of domestic and foreign patent disputes, it is crucial to understand well the operations of relevant institutions and establish corresponding strategies to take preemptive responsive actions.

The attorneys in THE WAVE IP Law Firm have plentiful experience in domestic and foreign IP disputes, which allows them to offer strategies considering potential disputes at the point of application.

Furthermore, once a dispute occurs, they thoroughly analyze the case at the initial stage so that any dispute can be early settled, thereby providing optimal results to clients.

The attorneys of THE WAVE IP Law Firm have numerous consulting experience for disputes in many foreign countries including China and the U. S. and also have a partnership with foreign attorneys specialized in IP litigations so as to be able to present advice for effective IP disputes in major countries.


Consultancy for IP Business Strategy

A Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis to investigate the possibility of patent infringement by a third party is essential for launching a product in a market.

Patent attorneys of THE WAVE IP Law Firm have conducted numerous patent analyses of domestic conglomerates and provided services for minimizing the risk of patent disputes over an actual product in the market through an avoidance strategy

Moreover, THE WAVE IP Law Firm provides strategies to minimize business risks of companies by presenting various strategic approaches against potential lawsuits filed by preceding companies, along with the launch of products in a national and international market.


Consultancy for IP Portfolio Strategy

THE WAVE IP Law Firm provides patent portfolio strategies for domestic firms based on vast experience of undertaking IP operations of national an international IP-leading companies.

For technology-based companies, it is most important to obtain a patent portfolio. However, many companies may lack specialized personnel for IP rights.

As the clients of THE WAVE IP Law Firm include a plurality of technology-based corporations, THE WAVE IP Law Firm has considerable know-how for strategies for building patent portfolios for “a value-up" of companies.

An analysis of patents does not just relate to determination with respect to the presence of prior art. This analysis is an instrument that is steadily used by companies for analyzing patents of competitor companies and obtaining patents according to the rights of the invention.

THE WAVE IP Law Firm's patent attorneys are specialized in many technical fields and have conducted IP analysis consultancy at the highest level.

Over five hundred small and medium-sized businesses, medium enterprises, and start-up companies have already worked with the attorneys of THE WAVE IP Law Firm with regard to overall IP counseling services.


Technology Transfer Business, Technology Value

Assessment and Licensing Consultancy Although licensing of technology or IP rights based on technology is quite common, recently, founding joint corporations or M&A, with the aim of obtaining technology or IP rights, occurs frequently.

The patent attorneys in THE WAVE IP Law Firm have accumulated various experience and know-how for license consultancy.

THE WAVE IP Law Firm provides companies needing a license with consulting services for licensing strategies and license structures along with general advices and directly takes part in license negotiations to assist the clients in obtaining a license under advantageous conditions.


Consultancy for Value-Up Strategy of Start-up Business through Network with Various Investment Companies

For start-up enterprises based on technology, protection of technology and formation of technology barriers may be the only assets of the firms.

THE WAVE IP Law Firm offers growth strategies appropriate for those companies and provides consulting work for reducing business risks and realizing “value-up."

Furthermore, through the networks with many start-up accelerators and venture capital firms, THE WAVE IP Law Firm has joined in discovering outstanding start-up companies and provided consultancy for continual investment for start-ups.